Study to improve your skills and possibilities!

Study to improve your skills and possibilities!

Study to improve your skills and possibilities!

French courses for immigrants

In Québec, French is the language that enables you to integrate and participate fully in Québec society. No matter how long you have lived in Québec, it is always possible to learn or improve your French.

The ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion, in collaboration with l’École de Français du Cégep de Trois-Rivières offers immigrants FREE French courses in a variety of formats.

The courses are offered throughout the year.


For individuals who arrived in Canada within the past 5 years who wish to learn French.


For all immigrants who want to learn or improve their French.

  • promote access to the labor market;
  • facilitate post-secondary education;
  • to develop the use of French in contexts related to social, community and family life;
  • to become familiar with the Québec culture.



Full time courses

Part-time courses

« I loved francisation at the Cégep of Trois-Rivières. I learned a beautiful language with good teachers, demanding but understanding and human. At first, I did not know a word of French and now I speak with several people. »

- Samahir Almohamad Albasha, graduate

« Thanks to this francisation program, I was able to improve my oral and written communication in French. This allowed me to integrate more easily into Quebec culture. I thank the entire team for their great support and professionalism. »

- Jenny Marcela, graduate

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